show summary


Yonder has brought together award-winning choreographers and composers to explore the challenges of living in a society where technology demands and offers so much. IRL is a thought-provoking performance about navigating life in an increasingly intrusive and connected world.

Don't forget to bring your phone. You're going to need it. For part of the performance, the audience becomes an improvised amplifier, collectively playing the music for the piece on their mobile devices.

Careful not to pass judgment, Yonder is asking more questions than it is answering in this show. The manipulated and accented use of pedestrian phrasing throughout IRL will challenge you to notice yourself in the action. Which is not that difficult as most of us have already performed at least some of this dance in our normal, everyday lives. But Yonder has found beauty in the mundane and nuanced ways that we connect with our real and virtual worlds.





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